Bob and Page Stylists


Specialty: Salon Team Manager.

“I love serving my guests because I get to change their day and with my actions and the level of service they receive.”

Andrea is one of the first faces you’ll see when you enter Bob and Page. As the Team Manager she keeps Bob and Page running smoothly so that you, as the guest, enjoy your time with us.

A balance between work and home life is important to Andrea. When she’s not busy at Bob and Page, she is driving her daughter to dance, travelling to horse shows, running (when she feels truly free), organizing, re-organizing, and appreciating the simple things in life such as experimenting in the kitchen and enjoying time with her Brady bunch style family.

Her Style: Chic + Romantic



Specialty: Cutting all lengths of hair. Dimensional hair coloring.

“Looking great is a style that starts in the salon and can be achieved at home.”

As a young country girl growing up in Forrest, MB Angie saw hairstyles differently. It was natural for her to take up the scissors and take hairstyling at Scientific in Winnipeg. That natural talent has her colouring and cutting, specializing in classic looks and dimensional colours.

This approach to serving guests allows her to achieve her goals; making the guest feel great in the chair, with lasting styles they can maintain at home. When she’s not at Bob and Page you’ll find this Tracy Cunningham inspired stylist travelling all over North America.

Her Style: Classic



Specialty: Blondes, updo’s, and short hair cutting.

“Let’s ‘root’ for each other and watch each other ‘grow’.”

Baillie’s artistic style is inspired by her educational trips to LA and her time at the Arts and Technology Centre in Winnipeg. She also derives inspiration from her co-workers, along with Jamie Sea, owner of Salt Hair.

After Baillie has had a chance to craft your wearable, effortless, natural hairstyle she hopes you’ll be able to say that you had an enjoyable experience that made you happy. Ultimately, she enjoys being a stylist because everyday is different in that she gets to create unique and beautiful art.

Her Style: Artsy



Specialty: Blonde Colouring.

“Life is too short for boring hair.”

Jessica’s a self-proclaimed makeup geek who has been involved in the beauty industry in some way or another since the age of 16. She believes in building honest relationships built on integrity with her guests, because the goal is to work with you long into the future.

While her style is glamour, her goal is to have her clients stand-out, feel striking, and leave satisfied. This is achieved through training at MC College, travel across Canada, and worshipping her own personal hair goddess; Jennifer Aniston.

Her Style: Glamorous



Specialty: Salon Team Educator. Blondes and balayage.

“You can have low maintenance hair that you love.”

There’s pure satisfaction in Kirsten’s life when someone leaves feeling good about the style she’s created. She is notable for her expertise cutting and strict level of precision in every style she creates. As our Educator, Kirsten takes the time to learn and develop new trends and techniques passing them onto the team.

Of course, every great talent derives inspiration from somewhere. For Kirsten, her inspired designs are influenced by Sam Villa, and 901 Salon.

Featured in Modern Salon and Behind the Chair, Kirsten has travelled across Canada and the US for training.

Her Style: Bohemian & Classic



Specialty: Dry cutting, wearable styling, hair painting and sun-kissed hair, Founder of Bob and Page.

“Anyone can pull off anything, it just has to be done in a way that is tailored and will compliment their individuality.”

Kristen considers herself fortunate to have started her journey in the beauty industry at such a young age. Her passion then and now is evident in the styles she designs. As a well-traveled adventurer, Kristen’s inspiration is worldly; from Rome to LA, training with Redken in New York, Toronto, Las Vegas, Montreal, and Florida. She has trained alongside some of the industry’s most talented.

As founding owner of Bob and Page, Kristen wanted to create an environment that was welcoming and trendsetting, complimented by like minded creatives.

A lot of Kristen’s principles and foundation come from her training with Redken and Living Proof.

Her Style: Chic & Natural



Specialty: Blonde and hand painted highlights.

"The best part about being a hairstylist is being able to positively change the way people see themselves."

When people tell you at the age of 10 that you’ll end up being a hairstylist, destiny is at play. Inspired by Chrissy from Habit Salon and Riawna from 901, Sarah graduated from MC College in Kenora before joining the Bob and Page team.

Sarah is always thinking about how to continually improve her hair styling, not just when she is at Bob and Page. In her off time she is looking up new trends, techniques, and inspiration. Hair is truly her passion. In those rare moments where you find her not obsessed with hair, Sarah escapes to warmer climates in the winter, the lake and her hometown of Kenora in the summer, spends as much time with family as she can, and tests out new gluten free options.

Her Style: Trendy + Chic



Specialty: Blonde Colouring and everyday wearable styles.

“Undone but Done Hair.”

After completing MC College, Mallory decided anyone in her chair should get satisfaction from the latest trends in hairstyling, while adding her own signature to the look. This means her guests can be trendy but unique at the same time. It’s also important to Mallory that her guests can do their hair at home, bringing confidence to every cut and colour.

Mallory’s style is a mix of girly and feminine with a softness that stays stylish and trendy. This approach to style shines through in her creativity at Bob and Page.

Her Style: Girly and Trendy



Specialty: Updos, balayage, and blonde.

“Boho housewife meets natural glam; changing it up daily.”

Samantha has always had her mind set on doing hair, she started her career in 2007 before joining Bob and Page. She cuts hair because of the flexibility the industry offers while offering new challenges consistently. While she may no longer be attending formal schooling for hairstyling, Samantha is a constant student of her art looking for style ideas anywhere she can find them and she has a deep love for watching hairstyling award shows.

If you’re a guest in her chair Samantha’s approach is to provide you with low maintenance hair tricks such as twists and braids to complete the style you came in for.

Her Style: Preppy + "Girl Next Door"



Specialty: Colourist, balayage, blondes, and colour melts.

"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself." -Coco Chanel

Whether as a makeup artist or as a stylist, Samantha has had a passion and interest in the beauty and fashion industry for as long as she can remember. Her goal while you’re in her chair is to deliver the expected style while maintaining the integrity of her styling. With chic and dark style all her own, Samantha sticks out as a member of the Bob and Page team.

That uniqueness of her style has been adopted throughout her travels to Montreal, Toronto, Boston, and Las Vegas; where Samantha considers her best education to have taken place. She’s also a student of the practical design that is hairstyling, having graduated from MC College in Russell, MB.

Her Style: Glamorous + Chic



Specialty: Blonde hair and highlights.

"No act of kindness no matter how small, is ever wasted."

Taylor is a “girly girl” that likes to go big. Her styles encompass large transformations, and and she enjoys the science of hair that allows her guests to have styles that last longer and healthier hair. Happiness to Taylor is a guest that can smile at themselves in the mirror with more confidence than they had coming in, and she achieves that by always growing and learning.

Inspired by Lennon Stella, Behind the Chair, and her fellow stylists at Bob and Page, Taylor is a true student of her craft.

Her Style: Urban + Casual