Angie - Bob and Page Winnipeg Hair Salon Stylist

Angela has been a stylist for over 10 years and has always enjoyed doing hair. She would cut and style friends hair in Brandon, Manitoba where she grew up, and thought why not do this as a profession. Angela has an eye for color, knowing what shades and tones best accentuate her client’s features. Angela likes to get to know her guests so that she can give them a cut that suits their personality and lifestyle. She’s really passionate about education and is motivated by new and exciting trends and techniques, which help her strive to be a better stylist for her clients year after year. Angela believes its great for the industry as a whole if stylists are informed and knowledgeable. She has participated in many educational forums including:REDKEN® Fusion Montreal 2010; REDKEN® Symposium Las Vegas 2009, REDKEN® Classes Calgary; Color/Cut and Know Why; Creative Design and Finishing; WELLA® Master Colorist; as well as various other REDKEN® classes. When’s Angie isn’t in the salon, she spends time with family and friends. Favorite REDKEN® products: All Soft Shampoo/Conditioner, Velvet Gelatin, Fabricate, Control Addict


Christine - Bob and Page Winnipeg Hair Salon Stylist

Christine is all about making her clients happy. “One thing that really attracted me to this profession was being able to influence people’s happiness”, says Christine. “I like that I can give someone a boost of confidence”. Christine is from St.Adolphe, Manitoba, where she has lived her entire life. She was interested in the industry from a very young age – 7 years old if she remembers correctly! Christine’s specialty is finishing. “I love finishing! My favourite part is when the client can finally see what they’ve been picturing in their head – their vision finally coming together.” Giving her clients a look they can maintain at home is important to Christine. “Communication is key. Knowing your clients lifestyle, what they are capable of recreating at home, how much maintenance they’ll require”. Christine looks forward to many opportunities to expand her knowledge with Bob and Page and will continue her training to develop her skills further. When Christine isn’t at Bob and Page, she spends her time with family and friends, camping, shopping or playing the violin, which she’s done for 16 years. Favourite REDKEN® products: Pillow Proof Blowdry 2 Day Extender, Powder Grip 03, Quick Dry 18


Kirsten - Bob and Page Winnipeg Hair Salon Stylist

Kirsten was born in Winnipeg and her passion for hair started early on in her childhood, when she would cut her friends and family’s hair. Kirsten graduated on from the kitchen scissors to professional cutting shears when she became a certified stylist in 2007. She has a knack at knowing what cut and style goes best with her client’s facial features and lifestyle. Kirsten knows what questions to ask and takes the time to listen: She believes good communication is fundamental to her relationship with her clients. Kirsten believes that everyone has unique and great story and she loves hearing new chapters from her clients. Kirsten knows the importance of a commitment to learning and development in the hair industry. She practices a learn-do-teach approach, which helps Kirsten keep with latest trends and techniques and reinforce her skills by sharing with colleagues. Kirsten has a lot of education and training under her belt including the Color/Cut and Know Why courses, 2010 REDKEN® Cover Competition, and other classes in Canada. When Kirsten isn’t behind her chair, she likes to spend time with friends and family at the cabin. She enjoys painting, guitar and a the occasional run in the park when the weather is friendly. Favourite REDKEN® products: QuickTease, Thickening Lotion, Guts, Woolshake, Velvet Gelatin

Kristen K

Kristen - Bob and Page Winnipeg Hair Salon Stylist

Kristen grew up in Anola, Manitoba and was inspired at a very young age to be a part of the hair industry at the age of fifteen. She hasn’t stopped this passion since and has accumulated almost twenty years of experience in many salons over the years; both large and small. Her talents include both cut and colour, including fresh makeovers. Kristen has a thorough consultation with her clients to identify the optimal style and services for them. Kristen enjoys learning new trends, techniques, and inspirations and then passing them along to her colleagues – she loves to teach others and help them excel. She has trained with REDKEN® across North America, including REDKEN® Exchange in New York and Toronto, and has training in Business Administration. In her free time, Kristen enjoys yoga, running, and walking her dog Janie, which visits Bob and Page from time to time.Favourite REDKEN® product: Powder Refresh 01


Samantha - Bob and Page Winnipeg Hair Salon Stylist

Samantha has been in the hair industry since 2008 and has experience from a number of Winnipeg hair salons. She loves doing colors, updos, and is usually the resident braider. Samantha loves a challenge and can’t pinpoint a problem that she can’t solve. She is passionate about people and makes communication with her clients a top priority. Samantha grew up in Old St. Vital and hasn’t left. When she isn’t at Bob and Page, she finds herself among family and friends watching movies, riding her bike, or spending time at the lake. Favorite REDKEN® product: Real Control Treatment

Samantha T.

Samantha - Bob and Page Winnipeg Hair Salon Stylist

Originally from Russell, Manitoba, Samantha has always been very creative. She began hair school at MC College, after certifying in Makeup. Samantha soon realized that out of all her talents, her passion was hairstyling. She is known for ombre and balayage colors and beach/ glamour waves. Samantha helps clients chose the right color and cut that suit her clients’ personalities and lifestyle. “I find it important in getting to know my client, so I’m able to express the individual through their hair”, says Samantha. “My ideal clients would say that I offer them with helpful advice to keep the integrity of their hair in optimum condition. “ Samantha likes coming up with a ‘hair plan’ for her clients to gradually introduce change to keep them from getting bored. She has extensive training under her belt, including workshops at the North American Hairstyling Awards in Las Vegas, Brocato Smoothing System Workshop, Wella Trend Collection Seminar, Hair Exchange in Winnipeg, American Crew Workshop, Essential Looks Schwartzkopf Professional Seminar in Toronto, Deva Curl Workshop, and the Cezanne Smoothing System Workshop. Favorite REDKEN® product: Pillow Proof two day extender dry shampoo.


Tanessa - Bob and Page Winnipeg Hair Salon Stylist

Tanessa has always had a passion for hair, partly due to having really long hair herself. She discovered her creative knack after taking a makeup and style course, which inspired her to become a hairstylist. Tanessa’s goal is to help her clients feel more beautiful and confident inside and out. “I love making my clients feel their best, creating styles that suit and flatter their beautiful features!” Communication and finishing touches are important elements for Tanessa, as is making at-home maintenance easy. Tanessa has adopted a commitment to constant learning and growth in her field, which helps her to introduce new trends and techniques to her clients. Tanessa’s other passions include photography, yoga, pole fitness, fishing, and relaxing with friends and family. Favorite REDKEN® product: Redken Blowdry primer.